• Borsche Textiles Co., Ltd.

    was established in 1988. We specialize in the development and production of home textiles and functional fabrics. Our development is mainly from raw materials to fabrics.

    We have first-class analytical techniques and equipment to create new products.

    We do this with the most rigorous test methods and follow the highest international standards for quality inspection.

  • We ongoing to develop new products to serve our customers. We also help our clients to analyze and detect their products.

    We provide them with professional advice to enhance competitiveness and complete their contracts.

    Our products are very diversified, including inherent flame retardant, wide width blackout (up to 300cm), wide width and washable 4 pass foam coating, easy-clean sofa fabrics, dual color suede, shape memory fabrics, etc.

  • In order to ensure and control our quality to meet international standards, we invest in top laboratory equipment and testing instruments.

    These include French M1 FR testing equipment, UK James Heal full series physical testing equipment, U.S. GretagMacbeth spectrophotometer, LEICA optical and electronic microscope, etc.

  • "Innovation, Service, and Competitiveness" is our company's philosophy. We have the most professional team and the kindest sales team.

    We can provide you with the most competitive price. We will do our best to complete your requirement.

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